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Maritime battery systems

-Safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries 

This document has been developed to meet the demand from the maritime industry. Standards developed by IEC TC 18 in general covers this demand.

However, the technology for battery systems currently moves faster than the development of international standards.  

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At the time of publishing this document the development work on batteries within IEC TC 18 is in the early stages, which takes about 33 months on an average. 

IEC 60092-305 and IEC 60092-401 are also relevant standards that may include requirements to battery rooms as well as battery system requirements.  

The intention of this document is to provide a solution that contributes to the steps necessary to comply with the authority requirements. In that sense, this document alone may not include sufficient requirements. Depending on a situation, other requirements may also be necessary, for example classification society rules or contractual requirements. 

For the preparation of this document, it is considered that the IEC 62619:2022 contains the necessary basic requirements for lithium-ion battery systems and that supplementary requirements for marine application are necessary.  

This document constitutes an assessment of IEC 62619 to whether each requirement is suitable for maritime applications. Where IEC 62619:2022 is found insufficient, this document suggests additional or modified requirement